The Dreamscapes

Made in residency at Casa Ceniza, Guadalajara, Mexico
Recycled Terracota clay, slips mixed from earth and pigment
14.8 x 10.5 cm each, installation dimensions variable 
February 2022

The postcards are all addressed to places I have lived or worked (studio or residency), so they act as “letters home” from foreign landscapes and as love letters to place. 

These works are helping me find my way “home” to my creative practice, investigating themes of time, and the archeology and excavation of place (what lurks beneath the surface). 

I have not visited the landscapes in any of these places. They are imagined “dreamscapes”, places from dreams and fantasy. As the grandchild of immigrants, who has moved to another country from where I was born, and whose family is spread across the globe, I embrace the Jewish diasporic experience with the making of these artifacts.